Estfilm Showreel

Baltic Workboats

Free as Wind

The International Horse Show commercial clip.

The Big Bang

3D animation for Äksi Ice Center exposition.

3D Animation and Computer Graphics.

3D graphic modelling is  a three-dimensional representation of a given form. Computerized 3D graphics can include drawing and editing, animating, engineering and design, modelling and stimulation, virtual reality etc. 3D graphics are used in many areas such as advertising to designing engines, in television and films for the production of a faithful reproduction of the images.

Estfilm offers a wide range of high-quality 3D animation services. We make virtual imagery for the construction industry also for film and videos, motion logos, captions, subtitles and other special effects.

The Big Bang
Unearthly Water
SA Ida-Virumaa Industrial Areas
Muuga Harbor