Estfilm Showreel

Baltic Workboats

Free as Wind

The International Horse Show commercial clip.

The Big Bang

3D animation for Äksi Ice Center exposition.

Safety & Training Videos.

Estfilm’s Safety & Training video productions offer a detailed explanation as regards safety features, designed to assist in employee training these productions assist in avoiding injuries at the workplace. The need for safety videos have grown rapidly during the last few years and these productions are considered an essential part of the training process. A Safety video gives an overview of different hazards found on a company’s territory and shows rules and regulations (eg. what kind of safety equipment to wear, where to park vehicles safely). Safety videos can alert visitors before entering an industrial territory or during training.

Our biggest clients in this area is Eesti Energia. We have produced Safety Videos (for amongst others), the Oil Industry, Power Plants, Technology Industry and Mining Company. Currently we are producing a safety video about AS Eesti Energia Vopak E.O.S.

eesti-energiaEesti Energia Mining Company